Christmas Charity Tournament

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Sealed Deck Christmas Party

Jank it Up, Fuzzball is partnering is once again with Kingwood Hobbies and Coaxium Gaming to bring you a holiday Star Wars Destiny event while we await the delayed arrival of Covert Missions in January.

In the spirit of the season, we are hosting a “White Elephant” sealed deck tournament and potluck, with proceeds being donated to the Northeast Harris County chapter of Toys-for-Tots.

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The Deets

Christmas Charity Destiny Tournament
Saturday, December 14, 2019, starting at 2pm
at Kingwood Hobbies in Kingwood, TX.

Dealer’s Choice Deck White Elephant Exchange

No need to bring your own deck — participants will be using one of Kingwood Hobbies Deck Dealer’s Choice decks! Trey will have enough wrapped decks on hand to equal the number of participants in the event. These will all be in the infinite format, and players will open and swap decks according to normal white elephant gift exchange rules (outlined below). Then, participants will play a tournament with the decks they end up with. The deck is yours to keep!

Best of all, of course, is that this is a charity event! $12 from each player’s $20 entry fee will be going directly to the Northeast Harris County chapter of Toys-for-Tots. The other $8 covers the cost of the deck. How’s that for value? A full 30-card Destiny deck for $8! So come play some janky Destiny while providing additional funds for toys to be given to less fortunate children — it’s a holiday win-win!

White Elephant Exchange Rules

  1. There will be one Dealer’s Choice deck for each paid participant.
  2. Players will be randomly assigned slots from 1 to N.
  3. The first player will choose a sealed deck. The team and decklist will be briefly shown to everyone.
  4. The next player will have the opportunity to steal the first player’s deck or choose a sealed deck.
  5. Anyone who has a deck stolen immediately takes a turn per number 4.
  6. Once a deck is stolen three times it is locked and cannot be stolen again.
  7. Once someone takes a sealed deck, play moves to the next slot.
  8. After the final player, and any subsequent steals, completes their turn, the first player may choose any unlocked deck for a final swap.

Tournament and Prizes

Once everyone has their decks, the tournament will commence as a traditional Swiss style event with the number of rounds determined by the number of participants. Whether we have a Top 4 or not will depend on the number of participants and tournament start time.

But there will be prizes! From tournament performance to random drawings to registration goodies, there will be stuff to win. For starters, I’m personally donating my Covert Missions Imperial Death Trooper foil monochromatic that I brought back from Worlds in October. Pew Pew!

Imperial Death Trooper

Community Potluck Goodness

We’re also encouraging participants to bring an item to contribute to a potluck dinner. The Houston Destiny community is indeed a great one, and this will provide an opportunity to enjoy a holiday meal with your fellow Destiny enthusiasts! Participation in the potluck is completely voluntary, of course.

Join Us!

Register for the event here on Kingwood Hobbies site. I hope to see you there!

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