Ep. 18: Strength in Numbers

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Episode 18: Strength in Numbers

Greg and I take a hiatus from the Convergence block and go back in time, playing a sealed box battle from last year’s Legacies set. These boxes were picked up a couple of months back for a mere $26 when they were Amazon’s Deal of the Day. I really love playing sealed events because there’s so little preparation required and there’s also the thrill of the unknown with what you’re going to pull. Playing from an entire box means you don’t even need a draft kit — just sleeves and tokens and you’re ready to go. I spend a few minutes discussing strategies for buying sealed boxes on the cheap, and then go over some of the pulls from both of our boxes. Finally, I recap the three games we played and some trades we made at the end of the night. Then, as always, I crack a pack!

This episode’s AKA: Jank Gerrera

Our Legendary Pulls

Here are my six legendaries. No complaints here! Saw Gerrera, Kylo’s Starfighter, and Force Wave are all new cards for my collection. Happy to have a second copy of Aphra, and a third Yoda gives me some high-end trade material.

Here are Greg’s six — all brand new cards for his collection. I’m jealous of his yellow pulls and a bit concerned about him having his own Maul’s lightsaber now.

This episode’s Booster Pack

I’ll be opening a brand new booster each episode and discussing the cards inside. Here’s this episode’s pull, from another Convergence booster pack. You can track all eighteen packs on the Cracked Packs page.

Episode 18 Cracked Pack, featuring Ordinance Launcher as the rare card.

Ordnance Launcher is an interesting weapon, although its three-cost is a bit much. No Answer is still a great card for mill decks, and Wounded at least makes me think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail every time I read it.

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