Ep. 34: Han and Qi’Ra Die A Lot

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Episode 34 Featured Image -- Han and Qi'Ra Die A Lot

What’s a person to do with new copies of both Han Solo, Old Swindler and Entourage? Well, build a scoundrel deck, of course! I’m back to talk about my adventures in trying to make Han4/Qi’Ra work in some casual games. You know what they say: Profiteering ain’t easy. 

This episode’s AKA: Jan’Ra, Street Savvy

My Two Decks

Han Qi'Ra Scoundrels
Han Qi'Ra Vehicles

This episode’s Booster Pack

I’ll be opening a brand new booster each episode and discussing the cards inside. This episode, I opened up a Way of the Force booster pack that I recently purchased for half off at Barnes and Noble.

Episode 34 Cracked Pack

Tickle Jabba FTW! I actually really enjoy this version of everyone’s favorite slug. The rest of the pack, unfortunately, is pretty blah.

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Play some jank! Roll Some dice! Have some fun!

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