Ep. 33: Destiny Neapolitan

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I’m back to discuss the concept of building blue, yellow, and red decks around a singular character. Think Neapolitan ice cream, but with Destiny instead. Before that, however, I felt compelled to discuss how and why I asked for – and received – a refund from Fantasy Flight Games for my Destiny Worlds ticket. That money is now being put to far greater good with the Minnesota Freedom Fund. I share some thoughts on Black Lives Matter and discuss wanting to be a better ally and more actively fight against racism. Thanks for tuning in.

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Black Lives Matter

I’ve made several donations following the death of George Floyd to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, including a recent one in the amount of my Worlds ticket cost.

I discuss the controversy around the Sul Ross statue on the campus of my alma mater, Texas A&M University. Here’s an article from the school newspaper about two petitions going around — one to remove the statue and another to keep it.

Lastly, here’s a really interesting essay on what racism and white privilege actually mean. 

Savage Asajj 2020

I mean, we could do worse in November, right?

Savage Asajj 2020 stickers

This episode’s Booster Pack

I’ll be opening a brand new booster each episode and discussing the cards inside. This episode, I opened up a Covert Missions booster pack that I recently purchased online from Kingwood Hobbies.

Episode 33 Cracked Pack

Jedi Exile in the house! Kanan Jarrus looks to be a great character. Excited to start building around him. Trap the Blade and Improvised Explosive are also my kind of cards.

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Play some jank! Roll Some dice! Have some fun!

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