Ep. 32: Spirit of Rebellion

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Ep. 32: Spirit of Rebellion

Greg and I are back to discuss our first proper venture in the Awakenings block. We both jumped into Star Wars Destiny during the Legacies cycle, but have since bought a number of older Awakenings era boxes and have finally begun exploring those earlier sets. First up is Spirit of Rebellion, as those boxes have been on our shelves the longest. We discuss cracking packs over Zoom and playing through our boxes over four rounds of sealed play via TTS. We then talk about some of our favorite card pulls from the set, and then close the show as we always do — by cracking a pack!

This episode’s AKA: Jank Kanata, Pirate Queen

What’s Old is New Again

We had a blast working through our respective boxes of Spirit of Rebellion. Here’s how we did it:

  • First nine packs + Rivals Draft Kit
  • Second nine packs + Allies of Necessity Draft Kit
  • Final eighteen packs + Rivals OR AoN Draft Kit
  • Box Battle using only cards from the box

We cracked our packs over Zoom a couple of nights before we reconvened for a best 2-out-of-3 match on TTS.

There will be Legendaries

Here’s the six legendaries that were in my box. Force Speed FTW!

This episode’s Booster Pack

I’ll be opening a brand new booster each episode and discussing the cards inside. This episode, I opened up a Covert Missions booster pack that I recently purchased online from Kingwood Hobbies.

Man, I need to crack into my Covert Missions box soon…

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