Ep. 30: Jank Madness

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I’m back, and I guess I just couldn’t stay away. Covert Missions is finally coming on March 6, and I have one last sizeable giveaway I want to complete before it rolls out. Greg and I are going to play a four-deck tournament using extra janky decks submitted by fans of Jank It Up, Fuzzball! No Legendaries, no uncommons. It’s time to truly play some jank. I’m going to give you all the details on the giveaway and how you can enter (deadline is February 26th). Afterwards, I crack two more Spark of Hope booster packs, generously donated once again by Kingwood Hobbies and Gameshop of Destiny.

This episode’s AKA: Kylo Jank, Bound by the Force

Jank Madness Tournament Details

Greg and I are crowdsourcing some truly jank deck ideas to play mini tournament ahead of Covert Missions’ March 6 release. We’ll be giving away some sweet Quarterly Kit alt-art prizes, generously donated by Gameshop of Destiny. Check ’em out:

Jank Madness Prizes!

It’s Tournament Season

I’m asking for fans of the podcast to submit decks for a “Final Four” tournament of Jank Madness to be played between me and Greg. Following the submission deadline, we will randomly select four decks from different people. These decks will be randomly assigned to me and Greg, and we will then sleeve them up and play best-of-three contests for the two semifinals and one Finals match. Whoever submitted the winning deck will be our Champion and receive all six of the Third Quarter OP kit alt art cards, shown above on the left. The runner-up will receive the two Mr. Bones-themed cards at the right.

Deck-building Rules

Each person is allowed to submit up to three different decks or deck ideas.

Decks must be comprised of ONLY rares, commons, and starter set cards. Legendaries and Uncommon cards are not allowed. These must be in the Standard Format (Legacies through Spark of Hope). Your deck can include only 10 other dice cards beyond characters and battlefields.

You can submit a complete 30-card decklist, or instead provide at least the following:

  • Complete Character team and optional plot, not to exceed 30 points.
  • Battlefield
  • All other dice cards (upgrades, supports, etc.), to a maximum of 10. (This does not include character or battlefield dice).

At a bare minimum, your submitted deck must be at least 10 cards. If your list is less than 30 cards, Greg and I are allowed to complete the list as we see fit, using the restrictions outlined above. We will not add any more dice cards to an incomplete deck, so be sure you submit as many rares as you would intend to be used, up to the limit of 10.

Also, if we do not have a particular dice card in our combined collections, we we sub with another dice card of the same type.

You absolutely can submit complete decks, but it is not required. Just send me a picture of your build from the database.

How to Submit

You can send your submissions to me directly via email using jankitupfuzzball at gmail dot com, or through Twitter, Facebook, or Discord.

Entry Deadline

All entries must be submitted by noon CST on Wednesday, February 26.

Greg and I want to get these games in ahead of Covert Missions dropping, so we’ll be playing the semifinal matches the weekend of February 28-29.

So get to it! Send me your jankiest builds, devoid of any pink and yellow cards. Have some fun with it!

This episode’s Booster Packs

I’ll be opening a brand new booster each episode and discussing the cards inside. This episode, I once again opened two Spark of Hope packs generously donated by Gameshop of Destiny and Kingwood Hobbies. Here’s the first booster pack, provided by Kingwood Hobbies.

Episode 30 Cracked Pack 1

Having just cracked two Cultural Records last episode, my heart sank a bit seeing a red die with Thrawn on it roll out of the pack. Thankfully, though, it was a Mastermind die and not a third Cultural Records! Guess I really need to borrow Greg’s Thrawn sometime soon to build a deck around all of these recent Thrawn-tastic rares I’ve pulled.

Next up was the pack from Gameshop of Destiny:

Episode 30 Cracked Pack 2

Mods ahoy! Pulling two droid mods just reminds me that I really need to go out a buy myself a couple of Choppers. Can’t have enough Dead or Alives, though, so that’s a good common to pull. Remember, you can save 15% off your order of Destiny singles at Gameshop of Destiny using promo code “jank15”.

Rakuten Promotional Offer

If you do a lot of online shopping and are into free money, give Rakuten a try. I used a Rakuten promotion to get $10 back when I bought two General Grievous starter decks earlier this year. You can take advantage of the same deal, earning $10 back after making qualifying purchases of $25 or more. Plus, if you sign up using the referral link below and take advantage of the $10 back offer, Jank It Up, Fuzzball will receive a commission. If you’re a frequent online shopper, it’s an easy way to earn $10 for yourself while also supporting the pod!

Check it out: www.rakuten.com/r/bpiana

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