Ep. 29: Easy Pickings

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The time has come. I share my thoughts on the sudden announcement of Destiny’s demise and try to talk myself into being excited for attending Worlds in May. Then, I talk a bit about some decks I’ve tried out recently and recap a 1/2 box sealed battle I had with Greg using Legacies and the Rivals draft kit. Could my team of Yoda, Wedge Antilles, and a Clone Trooper win the day?

After that, I crack some new Spark of Hope booster packs generously donated by both Kingwood Hobbies and Gameshop of Destiny. Guess what? I then crack a third pack, given to me by Clare, a fellow Maul player and co-host of the SPLANCHNICS podcast.

Lastly, I’m giving away a Maul monochromatic card! Details on how to enter are at the end of the episode.

This episode’s AKA: Jank Antilles

Join Me on Discord

We’re now on Discord! Join me on the official Jank It Up, Fuzzball channel. I envision it being a place that fellow kitchen table players can discuss their builds and try and fill out their collects as the sun sets on Star Wars: Destiny.  Here’s your invite!

Shout Out to Clare

Clare is a fellow Maul player who recently started a podcast with her daughter Hannah called SPLANCHNICS: The Society for the Preservation of Literature, the Arts, Numinosity, Culture, Humor, Nerdiness, Inspiration, Creativity & Storytelling. If you’re creative yourself and/or into consuming culture, please check their podcast out. Clare mailed me some goodies, including a pack of Spark of Hope that I cracked near the end of this episode!

Monochromatic Giveway!

It was so much fun to give out some monochromatics at the end of last year that I’ve decided to do it again for this episode. Maul, Skilled Duelist will forever have a special place in my Destiny heart, and I would love for a Jank It Up, Fuzzball listener to get this monochromatic down on their own kitchen table. Listen at the end of the episode for details on how to enter. Winner will be randomly drawn on Friday, February 14.

This episode’s Booster Packs

You know the drill: I open a brand new booster or boosters each episode and discussing the cards inside. This episode, I once again opened Spark of Hope packs generously donated by Gameshop of Destiny and Kingwood Hobbies. Here’s the first booster pack, provided by Gameshop of Destiny.

I really want to build a witch deck now. Pop quiz: You know what’s better than one copy of Cultural Records? Answer in the pack below, donated by Kingwood Hobbies:

That’s right — identical rares in two successive packs. How nuts is that?

But wait, there’s more! Clare mailed me a pack of Legacies and Spark of Hope in addition to some other sweet Prime swag. Here’s the results of the Spark of Hope pack that I opened on the show:

Another red rare, but it’s not a trifecta of Cultural Records! The GH-7 Droid and Refusal are perfectly janky cards that I’ll need to find some places for in upcoming builds. Thanks Clare!

Rakuten Promotional Offer

If you do a lot of online shopping and are into free money, give Rakuten a try. I used a Rakuten promotion to get $10 back when I bought two General Grievous starter decks earlier this year. You can take advantage of the same deal, earning $10 back after making qualifying purchases of $25 or more. Plus, if you sign up using the referral link below and take advantage of the $10 back offer, Jank It Up, Fuzzball will receive a commission. If you’re a frequent online shopper, it’s an easy way to earn $10 for yourself while also supporting the pod!

Check it out: www.rakuten.com/r/bpiana

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