Ep. 11: Qi’Ra and the Partners of Power

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Episode 11: Qi'Ra and the Partners of Power

Jank it Up, Fuzzball is back after an extra week of hiatus, and boy do I have a lot to talk about. Convergence is upon us, and I’ll be going to my first ever release event. I also created an online survey hoping to track legendary pulls from booster boxes, and I have a fantastic tale of generosity from a local player. I also recount my experiences testing out two separate Qi’Ra decks. She’s street savvy, yes, but can I find her a partner in my collection to make a winning deck?  Lastly, we’re running our first giveaway!

This episode’s AKA: Padmé Jankidala

Bookmark our Legendary Box Pulls Survey!

Convergence Legendaries Box Pulls Survey

Are you buying booster boxes of Convergence? If so, please help us track which six legendaries were pulled from individual boxes around the world by completing this short survey.

Enter to Win our First Giveaway

Giveaway header

We’re partnering with Kingwood Hobbies to give away a premade Destiny deck. But it’s not just any deck — you get to choose the characters, then Trey of Kingwood Hobbies builds you a 30-card Infinite deck featuring at least 10 dice cards. It ships with all cards sleeved and enclosed in a deckbox and is accompanied by enough tokens to be immediately playable out of the box. Visit our Giveaway page on how to enter, or check out the product on your own by visiting Kingwood Hobbies. $10/deck is an amazing value for a “kitchen table” deck!

A Tale of Two Qi’Ra Decks

My Beckett/Solidarity build went 1-2 against Greg’s Boba/Ketsu deck, while my Luke2 upgrade deck went 0-3 against his Emo Twins. Oof.

This episode’s Booster Pack

I’ll be opening a brand new booster each episode and discussing the cards inside. Here’s this episode’s pull, from an Across the Galaxy pack provided by Kingwood Hobbies.

Episode 11 Cracked Pack

TIE Fighter is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I couldn’t be more excited to have finally pulled one. Obviously, having more would be nice, but you have to start somewhere! You can track this opening and previous booster openings over on the Cracked Packs page. I do believe the TIE Fighter elevates this to “Best Pack” status.

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    1. Hello Kenton — We should now (finally) be back on Google Play! Please search for the pod on your device and give us a listen! Thanks.

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