Ep. 06: Rolling Into the New Year

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Ep. 06: Rolling Into the New Year

Join me as I recap my past few weeks of Destiny, which included receiving a very cool anonymous gift in the mail, playing a Jabba/Phasma specials deck against my son, pulling a legendary at the local game shop, and finally playing that Across The Galaxy sealed battle with my buddy Greg. Who pulled the best legendaries? Turns out that’s a trick question.

This episode’s AKA: Chancellor Jankatine

Here’s an awesome board state I had against my son, playing ePhasma2/eJabba2 against his eEzra2/Wookie Warrior/Jedi Sentinel deck:

Resolving specials

Sealed is where the Jank is

Finally played Across the Galaxy sealed with my friend Greg. We took half the packs from the box (9 apiece) and built a deck to battle with. Here’s my team and some other notable dice cards.

My Sealed team

This episode’s Booster Pack

I’ll be opening a brand new booster each episode and discussing the cards inside. This episode’s booster pack was provided by TopDeckTCG, an online provider of strategy, content, and singles for games such as Star Wars: Destiny. They’re also a Friend of Jank — thank you TopDeckTCG!

Here’s this week’s pull, from another Across the Galaxy booster:

Episode 6 Cracked Pack

L3-37 is an interesting support character, and could slide into a hero vehicle build, especially considering the mods I pulled in the Sealed event. At Odds is also a pretty easy include with decks running blue. Remember – you can track this opening and previous booster openings over on the Cracked Packs page.

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