Survey: Convergence Legendary Box Pulls

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Convergence Legendaries Box Pulls - POLL

Hello everyone. Being a bit of a data geek, I’m curious as to the distribution of the legendary cards in booster boxes of sealed Star Wars Destiny product. With the Convergence set being released on March 28th, now’s a perfect opportunity to gather some data. Help us take a snapshot of this card distribution by recording which legendaries were pulled in your box (or each of your boxes).

I invite you to complete the Google Form embedded below to record your legendary cards pulled from each box. You can also access the form directly using this link.

While participation is completely voluntary, the more submissions we can gather, the larger the data set will be. Please help spread the word and encourage others to participate!

** If you are a retailer and are willing to help the cause, here’s a printable sheet of flyers you can include with orders or provide at a store: convergence-survey-cards.pdf

Brian from Jank It Up, Fuzzball

4 thoughts on “Survey: Convergence Legendary Box Pulls

  1. Would it be possible to see how the legendary are divided based on where they’re opened? Otherwise we just see the spread of legendary and a list of where the boxes where opened and not the correlation between. I guess the results will be heavily skewed towards NA&Canada since most participants are from that part.

    1. Yes, I will be able to make better snapshots of regional distribution once I start downloading and sorting the data. Unfortunately, that level of functionality isn’t built-in to the default results presentation offered up by Google. But I am eager to see if there are any regional discrepancies. Might be weeks away though.

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