Well That's Uncommon: Double Agent

If you’ve ever played Hot Potato as a child, then you’re already familiar with the concept of a new Covert Missions uncommon card. It’s one that I personally can’t wait to get on the table, even though FFG persists on making us all wait on the arrival of the ninth and penultimate set of Star Wars: Destiny. If only we had someone working on the inside who could tell us what was going on…. Alas, here’s this week’s card! Double Agent – an upcoming 1-cost,…Continue Reading “Well That’s Uncommon: Double Agent”

Well That's Uncommon: Vengeful Wookiee

Special Guest Author: Kevin from Roll On When I read that Brian was thinking of concluding his Well That’s Uncommon series, I was in denial. I didn’t want it to end! Turns out that was a microcosm of how that particular week in Star Wars: Destiny transpired, but I digress. I slid into Brian’s DMs (yes, his Desperate Measures) and I asked – nay, pleaded with him to allow me to contribute once more to what I believe is an awesome concept. The master of…Continue Reading “Well That’s Uncommon: Vengeful Wookiee”

Well That's Uncommon: Sneak Attack

The full Covert Missions set has finally been revealed by FFG! Although we’re still not sure when we’ll actually see it on shelves, you can at least peruse all 160 cards that make up the set. As I browsed the uncommons, this peculiar red event peaked my interest: It’s relatively expensive (costing 2) and is super situational, as you’ll need both Sneak Attack and a red vehicle in your hand for it to have value. On top of that, the vehicle you play using it…Continue Reading “Well That’s Uncommon: Sneak Attack”

Well That's Uncommon: Rule of Two

Welcome to the second installment of Well That’s Uncommon, where we look at an uncommon card from the forthcoming Covert Missions. The day after I published the first article in this series (featuring Imperial Pilot), Fantasy Flight Games dropped an article of their own. A More Civilized Age previewed some blue cards from the new set, and my Twitter feed was all abuzz with spoilers from the article. Kevin Sanchez of the excellent Roll On podcast tweeted out his interest to Rule of Two, and…Continue Reading “Well That’s Uncommon: Rule of Two”

Well That's Uncommon: Imperial Pilot

With Covert Missions arriving on January 17th, I’ve decided to take a look at some of the uncommon cards from the set in a new series of articles I’m calling Well That’s Uncommon. The purpose of the series will be to highlight some of these cards as they relate to the “kitchen table” meta, and not full-on competitive play. So let’s dive in! Piloting is going to be a big mechanic featured in Covert Missions (CM), and this December article from FFG introduced us to…Continue Reading “Well That’s Uncommon: Imperial Pilot”