Ep. 28: The Double Laser Tripwire

Happy New Year everyone! Greg joins me in studio as we recap our Prime performances from January 4th in Houston. We talk about why we chose the decks we brought and then go through each of our six rounds. We break down our matchups, highlight the great plays that were made, and reflect on lessons we learned along the way. Afterwards, we crack two new Spark of Hope booster packs, generously donated by Kingwood Hobbies and Gameshop of Destiny.

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Episode 26 Header

I’m happy to be back with a report on my recent luck piloting a yellow villain Solidarity deck and also reveal some aspirations for a new Phasma3/Clawdite/Clawdite build. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Before I dive into the hot details of some recent games, however, I talk about a brand new Covert Missions alt-art I was commissioned to make for by Gameshop of Destiny. Then, I gush a bit over my new Jank It Up, Fuzzball power action tokens, now available in my shop. I then make one last pitch for my December 14th Christmas Charity Tournament in Kingwood, TX, benefiting a local chapter of Toys-for-Tots.

Near the end of the episode I crack not one but two Star Wars Destiny booster packs – one generously donated by Gameshop of Destiny and the other by Kingwood Hobbies. I greatly appreciate the support of both! Then, stick around to the end to learn how to enter in a giveaway for a non-foil monochromatic Old Daka and a Jank It Up, Fuzzball power action token to use with it.

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Ep. 25: Super Battle Villain Droids header

With Worlds in the rearviewmirror, I’m eager to get back into more casual Star Wars Destiny play. Is there such a thing as a good villain droids deck? I certainly try to find out, using 4-LOM as my muse. I also break down some Legacies sealed games that Greg and I recently played having dusted off our Rivals draft kit. (Lobot lives!)

Before any of that, however, I talk about a really cool Christmas Charity Tournament I’m hosting along with Trey from Kingwood Hobbies. It features a white elephant gift exchange of Dealer’s Choice Decks that Trey will put together. So come join us in Kingwood, TX, on Saturday, December 14th for the casual fun while helping us raise money to be donated to a local chapter of Toys-for-Tots.

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Ep. 24: Worlds Recap! header

I’m back from an amazing 48 hours in Minnesota for Star Wars Destiny Worlds! It was incredible, and I spend the episode going over all the details of my trip, including how I did in pods and on Day 1A running Maul/Mandalorian Super Commando. Shout out to all of the Destiny friends I finally met in person and also to the new friends I made at the event. It was an experience I won’t soon forget!

Afterwards – as always – we crack a pack! Then, stick around to the very end to learn how to enter in a giveaway for a non-foil monochromatic General Grievous that I brought home from the Worlds prize wall.

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