Episode 35 header - Jabba Strikes Back

After pulling a Jabba the Hutt from Way of the Force at the end of Episode 34, I decided to dive back into deckbuilding with the Renowned Gangster. How many different dice cards featuring specials can one cram into a deck? Well it’s time to find out! I built an updated red version and a brand new blue version to try and stop my skid of losing the Greg. And here’s some words you probably never thought you’d hear: Kylo Ren’s Starfighter FTW!

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Episode 33 header

I’m back to discuss the concept of building blue, yellow, and red decks around a singular character. Think Neapolitan ice cream, but with Destiny instead. Before that, however, I felt compelled to discuss how and why I asked for – and received – a refund from Fantasy Flight Games for my Destiny Worlds ticket. That money is now being put to far greater good with the Minnesota Freedom Fund. I share some thoughts on Black Lives Matter and discuss wanting to be a better ally and more actively fight against racism. Thanks for tuning in.

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Ep. 32: Spirit of Rebellion

Greg and I are back to discuss our first proper venture in the Awakenings block. We both jumped into Star Wars Destiny during the Legacies cycle, but have since bought a number of older Awakenings era boxes and have finally begun exploring those earlier sets. First up is Spirit of Rebellion, as those boxes have been on our shelves the longest. We discuss cracking packs over Zoom and playing through our boxes over four rounds of sealed play via TTS. We then talk about some of our favorite card pulls from the set, and then close the show as we always do — by cracking a pack!

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